Class Assignments

A. Find 12 - 18 backgrounds for your webpages.. You may also find buttons, bars and other clipart for your webpages.

Remember to incorporate graphics which are not copyrighted unless there is a statement that specifically states you can use the graphics. Any cartoon character or well known logo symbol is copyrighted, even if it is not marked. Some graphics places require that you put a link back to their website.  Read and ask how to link back the website address.

B. Make a 2 personal webpages of your interests.  The webpage is to include the following:

Make a second page (small). Link your first page to the second. Link your second page to the first.

The object of this project is for you to learn the basics in page webpage layout with graphics and getting a grasp of linking from one page to internet sites and other pages you have written.


After you complete this assignment, you will be working on pages for the school website.

This may include finding helpful links for the the students to use in the different subject areas. This requires finding good links in a subject area to help guide students in the things done in class. Click here for the current status of this page.