Computer Technology Class


Computer and Network Basics MS Word/Keyboarding Spreadsheets PowerPoint Databases Web pages
Desktop Publishing Internet Fairuse Practices Digital Imaging GIS Summer Enrichment Program  

2011 - 2012 Schedule

Aug/September   Network Basics  >
Selecting Appropiate Web Sites / Evaluating Web Sites
Teacher Domain Network Activity
                 3.   Computing Basics Teach the Class Assignment
                 4. MS Word Instruction (Videos)
                      **Cyberbullying (2010)
                      **MS Access Database & Miss Children Database project
                      ** Database Vocabulary. 
                 .    ** Image manipulation using Gimp photo editor
       ** Network & Computer Basics Vocabulary and Vocabulary Basics Quiz #2          
                        ** Network Structure and Working with files.  Clean Folders
                        ** Network and Computer Basics Vocabulary Basics Quiz #1
                        ** Titanic Spreadsheet
                        ** Ice Breaker Powerpoint (2010)
** Mail Merge
                 1.   Spreadsheets Rich Relative Project (2010)
                 2.   Gym Design Project (2010)

                 3.   ** Ice Breaker Windows Movie Maker
      **  Create a spreadsheet timeline.
                      **  I am Thankful For Powerpoint
Food For Thought Spreadsheet Activity >Vocabulary Quiz
                      **   What's Cooking America Nutritional Chart
                            Virtual Grocery Store Nutrional chart

                      **  Web pages -MS Publisher-  Create website for one of the presidential          
                           candidates  PART 4 under the Web Pages of this page.
November  1. Nov 2 - Nov 5 SOLARS  
                  2. Keyboarding - Mavis Beacon
**Powerpoint "What I am Thankful For" project
                  **  Christmas
Around the World Research 
                  **  Fill in Cartoon Blank

December   1.   Storyboarding Commercials (2010)
                  2.   Brainstorming & Storyboarding Charterhouse Commercial (2010)
                  3.   Video and Photography for Charterhouse Commercial (2010)

                        2.  MovieMaker: 30 second Charterhouse Commercial (2010)
                     ** Desktop Publishing/Publisher   Flyer, invitation,
Personal Stationary, ETC
Christmas Around the World PowerPoint

                ** Science Moviemaker Projects - Picture Dictionary (camera, video)
January     1.Gimp
                  JAN 24-28 2011 SOLAR TESTING
                  **  Time Permitting: Internet Fair Use/Copyright laws: Web field trip and test
                  **Personal Budget Spreadsheet
Career PowerPoint*

                  1. Day School - Database
                      Treatment:  Collaborative Science/English/Technology project:   Science Video:  3rd 9wks
                  2. Collaborative Science/English/Technology project:   Science Video:  3rd 9wks
                  ** Past assignments: Network/Computer Basics,Modifying Graphics and Picture files: 
                  **Science/Technology Folder  Cover, NVU Black History Webpage Project 2010
March     1. Alice

Past assignments: Making Web Pages Using MS Publisher, Smokey's Magazine Ad Design Challenge

April     1.  Evaluating Web Sites:  Go to this web site.  Copy and paste it into a MS Word Document.  Complete the exercises. Save this in your F drive folder.
Who Am I Project     (2011)         What Am I Project (2010)

             3. Create your own South Park Character
             April 18-22   Easter Break
             4. Cow Chow Steakhouse Website Project 

*** Keyboarding Spring Session (3 WKs:  Drill and Skill.AlphaSmarts)

May        1. Cow Chow Steakhouse Website Project

            2. Vacation Getaway Database

            3.  Evaluating websites.  Get an evaluation sheet and evaluate web sites 1.1 and 4.1

            *** Non-linear Powerpoints   
            *** Word Processing:  Report title pages, footnotes, bibliography.
            ***Commencement Banner Design   
         ***GIS WEB Activities:  National Atlas  Activities #1 & 2
            ***Innovators in computing scavenger hunt (PDF)
***Innovators in computing webquest and Quiz
            ***. MS Word Tables - Mazes
            *** Network Proposal Project
(Virus, Spyware,Malware Keyboarding) 
Alice Programming Game Project
            *** [Networking Basics] or Collaborative Science/Music/Technology project:   Science Video:  4 th 9wks #2

            *** Time permitting 

              2.  Treatment Center SOL Testing   June 7 - June 10  2011

                   Day School SOL Testing   June 14- June 17  2011

              3. Teacher Domain Network Activity

              *  Fair Use Practices Time permitting

              *  Computer Terms [Basic 2010] -  Maintaining computers
              *  Home Architect Builder Program/Game

              *. GIS WEB Activities:  National Atlas  Activities #1 & 2 

1. Stop Motion Movie Maker   Youtube Video   

              2. Alice

    1.   Virtual Field Trips using Google Maps  
          2.   Recreating and Creating Painting Master Pieces  



Computer and Network Basics

The Network structure and Navigation
File & Folder manipulation - Making folders, renaming & moving files and folders
Website Tour
Copying/Pasting text and graphics from the internet
Web browser Basics
Word Processing Basics
comp_hardware_network_terms.htm    Computer/Network Basic Terms/Vocabulary #1
2. Online Terms Quiz #1

Basic Computer Terms #2              Name ______________


Copy and paste this into a Microsoft Word document.  Use the following online dictionary to define the terms below. 

1. desktop

2. motherboard

3. browser

4. operating system

5. Microsoft windows

6. Internet Explorer

  7. burn

  8. driver

  9. virus

  10. spyware

11. Application

  Online Computer Basic Terms Quiz #2

Computer Vocabulary  #3

Look words 1-10 up at

1. Bit

2. Binary

3. Byte

4. KiloByte 

5. Megabyte

6. GigaByte

7. Icon

8. Pixel

9. Network


 Look up words 11-18 at  **Webopedia:


12. DSL

13.  Favorites

14. Hardware

15, Software

16. Download

17. Clipboard

18. format (disk)


Online Computer Vocabulary #3 Quiz

  Evaluating Information on the Web  - Webquest

  1. The Purpose of this web quest.
  2. You will be assigned either the Group 1 (Holocaust) or the Group 6 (Homeopathy) task.  You will be evaluating if the information at the web sites listed in the webquest based on the questions.  Use the questions listed on either the group 1 or group 6 task pages to evaluate the web sites.  Copy the questions into a MS Word document and answer them in this document.  Make sure your name is at the top of the document.  When you are finished the project, this MS Word document will be printed and turned in.
  3. Group 1 (Holocaust) Task Web page  with the questions and listing of websites to evaluate.
  4. Group 6 (Homeopathy) Task Web page with the questions and listing of websites to evaluate.

4. History of Computers Webquest1

5. History of Computing Quiz

6.  Choose one of the following people from the History of Computers Webquest1 and make a 10 slide presentation.  These will be presented to the class when we are finished.

PowerPoint or 2 page Newsletter: Person in the History of Computing 

People you may do a slide show on: 
Bill Gates 
Paul Allen 
Steve Jobs
Steve Woznaik
Donna Dubinsky 
Tom Anderson
Mark Zuckerberg
Jack Dorsey
Michael Dell
Douglas Engelbart
Tim Berners-Lee
Dan Bricklin
Steve Case 
Grace Brewster Murray Hopper
Larry Page 
Sergey Brin 
Marcian Hoff
David Filo 
Jerry Yang
Robert Noyce
Gordon E. Moore
Jeff Hawkins
Linus Torvalds
Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales
Larry Sanger

Use the search to find other computing innovators at the Computer History Museum


Research one of the following items below and write 250 word newsletter including pictures, the history of the item, who invented the item, how the item works.

Sound Card
USB Flash Drive
Pentium Processor
Eniac Computer
Floppy disk
The first hobby computers including the Apple 1, Apple 2 and the Tandy Trs-Dos computers
Integrated Circuit
Intel 1103 Computer Memory
America Online  - AOL
Palm Pilot
Intel Corporation
Linux - (computer operating system)

And others History of Computers


Slides are to include the following information outlined below,  contain pictures and have at least a total of 150 OF YOUR OWN WORDS.  Copying and pasting information except for the last slide (citations) will not be accepted and will result a failing grade.  As we have done in the past, use MS Encarta and/or the internet.  Use the guidelines for finding good websites to find reliable information on the web.

Slide #1      Title Slide:  Name of the person in computing history, your name and classroom number.

Slide #2      Tell the major contribution this person has made in computing  (hardware and/or software).

Slide #3-8   Tell the history of this person, his contributions/inventions and the steps in how he/she got to making his/her contribution/invention.  This is to include his/her young life, high school, college and professional life

 Slide #9     How has this person's contribution/invention changed our lives and the way computers are used.

Slide #10    Internet and MS Encarta citations :  List internet links you have used for research on this project.

How to Copy a Graphic to Another Document
How to Copy a Graphic to your PC (from web pages, etc.)
How to make a folder
How to rename a folder
How to link to a folder

MS Word - Keyboarding




Bubbles Keyboarding Game

** Nimble Fingers

** Dance Mat Typing

** Powertyping


** Super Hyper Spider Typer

** Online Typing Games  Martian City Defender, Meteor Blaster, Spacebar invaders,etc.

Click here for Mr. Kent's Basic Keyboarding exercise:  
    A. Settings: Home row,  1 minute, slow

Click here for Mr. Kent's Basic Keyboarding exercise:  
    A. Settings: Home row,  1 minute, slow
    B. Settings: Home row.  1 minute, medium




Word Processing

I Have a Dream project.  GET THE PICTURE HERE

MS Word Project #2  Beyond Simple Word Processing.  Selected Civil Rights Events in the 1960's .

MS Word Table Mazes  (Directions Word Download)

MS Word Tables Reference
MS Word Reference


Setting up a spreadsheet.
Manipulating Data through Sorting
Protecting cells, worksheets and workbooks
Inserting Rows, columns
Making graphs


 Assignment #1  Spreadsheet/Sorting,  NBA Finalists

 Assignment #2  Spreadsheet/Graphing, High & Low Temperatures

Assignment #3  Spreadsheet:  Shop at and for 5 CD's.   Calculate the saving between the highest and lowest prices and use the Aum Sum/Sum Function to add up the columns.

Spreadsheet Vocabulary


Directions: Highlight, copy and paste this webpage into a Microsoft Word Document.

Use the online Computer User Dictionary : Use Webopedia: for terms 1-10

1. spreadsheet

2. cell

3. cell address

4. column

5. grid lines

6. row

7. worksheet

8. data

9. graph

10. sort



Use Webopedia: for the terms 11-13

11. Formula (definition #2)

12. Range

13. label


Answer the following questions using the following link:


14.  First,  click on the vocabulary at this website.  Read over the definitions there and click the back button.  Now click on the Puzzle  and fill out the crossword puzzle.


15. Name the current spreadsheet programs used today?


16.  Who developed the first spreadsheet ?

17.  Finish working on your assigned spreadsheet.



Assignment #2   Online Spreadsheet Vocabulary Terms Quiz






Civil War Battles (POC HISTORY) activity Webquest/Spreadsheet. (Thank you Ms. Branch!!)



(1)Design Templates, Inserting Slides & Pictures
(2)Custom Animation and Slide Transitions



Assignment #1

November SOL History PowerPoint

For a November History SOL (that you used for the Spreadsheet timeline), make a 10 slide PowerPoint presentation.

Slide #1      Title Slide:  Title Industrial Revolution in America  and your name

Slide #2-5      Give the background to your topic explaining, who, what, when, why (& how) about the topic of your SOL.

Slide #6-9   Timeline of Events of the Industrial Revolution:  Use the dates from your

 Slide #10    Internet bibliography:  List internet links you have used for research on this project.



Christmas Around the World PowerPoints

1. Choose one of the following countries:

Russia France Finland Brazil
Britain Ukraine Spain Italy
Mexico Switzerland Ethiopia

2. Use the provided library books and an internet search engine, tell about the Christmas
traditions and how they are celebrated in the country you have chosen. 

3. Create an 8 slide PowerPoint Presentation.  Include graphics/pictures and include 5 lines of text with about 7 words per line on each slide.  


Christmas activities 2005

1. Complete the word search

2. Complete the stocking puzzle

3. Color Mary  

4.  Find the buried Gift



Black History Month (PowerPoint)

1.  Choose one of the following people for the list (


Muhammad Ali
Maya Angelou
Josephine Baker
James Baldwin
Amiri Baraka
Daisy Bates
Ralph Bunche
Ella Bully-Cummings
George Washington Carver
Ray Charles
Shirley Chisholm
Nat King Cole
Bessie Coleman
Gary Davis
Frederick Douglass
Charles Drew
W. E. B. Du Bois
Tony Dungy
Michael Eric Dyson
Duke Ellington
Medgar Evers
Myrlie Evers-Williams
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Marvin Gaye
Alex Haley
William R. Harvey
Billie Holiday
Langston Hughes
Mae C. Jemison
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Queen Latifah

Jacob Lawrence
Spike Lee
Kevin Liles
Malcolm X
Thurgood Marshall
Walter Mosley
Elijah Muhammad
Barak Obama
Gordon Parks
Rosa Parks
Colin L. Powell
Richard Pryor
Condoleezza Rice
Wilma Rudolph
Dred Scott
Robert George Seale
Betty Shabazz
Tavis Smiley
Clarence Thomas
Sojourner Truth
Harriet Ross Tubman
Denmark Vesey
Alice Walker
Sarah Breedlove Walker
Booker T. Washington
Denzel Washington
Ida B. Wells
Reggie White
Serena Williams
August Wilson
Oprah Winfrey

3.   Get 10 index cards and put the your research IN YOUR OWN WORDS in the following order:

    Index card 1   Title of your presentation/Name of your  person
    Index card 2   When your person was born and the date they passed away if they are not living.
    Index Card 3  Your person's family (parents), brothers and sisters, where they grew up.
    Index Card 4  Your person's education including elementary education, high school education, college education.
    Index Cards 5, 6, 7  Accomplishments of your person.
    Index Card 8    What person characteristics did your person possess to enable them to accomplish what they did.
    Index Cards 9  How did your person make a contribution to our culture/society/world?
    Index Card 10  List of internet address, encarta articles that you got your research from.

4.  After putting your information on the index cards and having them checked by the teacher, create your PowerPoint presentation.   The PowerPoint presentation is to include pictures, clip art, custom animation and slide transitions.   Choose fonts and font colors that are easy to read.  Use 5-7 bullets per page and short phrases or sentences should be used.  No paragraphs.




Create a simple database with tables, forms, reports and queries using Access 97.
Assignment #1
1.  Part 1 Create a music CD database including the CD title, artist, year the CD was released and a picture of the CD cover or the artist.   ( Tables and Forms)

2.  Part 2 Create a query and a report for the CD music database.

3.  Complete by using the computer term dictionary on
the web @ to
define the terms below.


Assignment #3  Women's Month Database

1. Create a database consisting of a table, a form and a report using MS Access.

2. Using the following link,  fill in the fields for 10 women using the database form you have created. 

Assignment #4 Mail Merge and Form Letters (TECHNOLOGY CLASS)

1.  Create a Database using MS Access.
2.  Create a Form Letter that automatically inserts information from a field MS Access database.

3. Database Vocabulary
4. Create a MS Access Database and Form letter inviting 4 cottage staff and/or administration to Commencement on September 8th.


Database Vocabulary and Terms

Use the following link to look up the database vocabulary terms:  Webopedia:

     1.    Database

       2.    Table

       3.    Field

       4.    Query
       5.    Record

       6.  Data

       7.  Data entry

       8.  Sort

       9.  Primary Key   


Database #2 Quiz

Database #1 quiz

4.  Mail Merge and Form Letters 

1.  Create a Database using MS Access.
2.  Create a Form Letter that automatically inserts information from a field MS Access database.


How to make My CD Collection Database
My CD Collection Database PART 2

Web Pages



Webpage and Internet Related Terms

Part 1

Copy and Paste this into a Word document.                                                            

Name ___________________

Complete by using the computer term dictionary on
the web @  to
define the terms below.

World Wide Web

Web page



Web site



WYSIWYG (web page editor)





Electronic Mail (email)





Web Site

Web Page



Web Terms QUIZ   Take the online Web Terms quiz

HTML tags to write web pages.


Choose on of the presidential candidates (G W Bush or John Kerry) and create a 4 page web site about this candidate.  Include pictures, graphics and at least 75 words (NOT COPIED AND PASTED TEXT) per page.  The 75 words are to be put in YOUR OWN WORDS.

Page 1 Introduction to the website and the candidate.

Page 2 Biography of the candidate.

Page 3 Where does the candidate stand on issues in the upcoming election.

Page 4 Why you would vote for this candidate.

Project 2 Planet Website
A. Choose one of the following 9 planets: 

Use Microsoft Publisher and create 5 web pages on that planet.  Include graphics and/or pictures along with text.  Information is to include.

                                1.  Location of planet from the sun

2. Size of the planet.

3. Length of the planets year.

4. Temperatures (highs/lows)

5. Number of moons, their names, and a description of each (size, etc).

Useful Links For this Project:  

The Nine Planets: Multimedia Tour

NSSDC Photo Gallery

Space Image Libraries

Exploring the NINE PLANETS 

Missing Saturn Page from the Exploring the Nine Planets Webquest

Missing Neptune Page from the Exploring the Nine Planets Webquest

B. Fall  Choose one of the New World explorers below.  Use Microsoft Publisher and create a web page on that explorer.  Include graphics and/or pictures along with text.  Information should include some information about their life,  when explored the New World and where in the New World they explored.


Desktop Publishing - MS Publisher

Using MS Publisher to create newsletters, brochures and web pages.

Using MS Publisher and the link  for Article 1 and the link  for Article 2.  Create the front page of a newsletter of life during the  Great Depression.  The following articles are to be included:

Article 1   A story about the stock market fall.  It should answer the basic questions What, when, who and where.?
Articles 2  Article telling about the life of a farmer, factory worker and a migrant worker during this time.

A.  Online Presentation:
B   Create a folder in your f:\ drive called Pearl Harbor.  Using MS Publisher, create 3 web pages about the World War 2 bombing of Pearl Harbor describing the who, what, when, where and the significance to our country. Include at least 2 pictures along with at least 2  (minimum 50 words per paragraph) on the first 2 pages.
Why was this so devasting to the United States?  Include a cited works on the 3rd web page which is to include specific What was our  country's response to this bombing?  What similarities do you see with the bombing of Pear Harbor in 1941 and the terrorist attack on the US in New York and Washington?  Use Encarta and the internet links below for your research.

Navy Military History Pages of the Pearl Harbor Bombing
President's Message to Congress following the bombing of Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor Photos from the National Archives
The History Place

You may use google or other search engines to gather additional information for this project.


Internet Fair Use Policies

The internet, copyright laws and fair use policies

Online Presentation/Discussion:  
1.   Introduction & Can Anything Be Used Freely

2.             General Copyright guidelines overview for education
3.     Citation Styles for Electronic works and communications (CBE Style)

 1.  Click on the following link and take the pre-test to determine your knowledge.  Print  your score, and turn in with your name on it.

2.  Copy and paste the following web page/scavenger hunt document into a MS Word Document.  Type your name and the date at the top of the page.   Follow the links in the webpage and answer the questions.  Print and turn in your answered questions at the end of the class period.    (Only answer Questions 1-3)

Combined Technology Project


Digitial Imaging  MS Image Composer & Paint
1.  Find a picture which you wish to use on the cover of your science/technology folder.
    - Saving pictures from the internet as a file.
    - Using MS Paint add colored rectangular box.
    - On that colored rectangular box, type the your name in the Arial font.
    - Copy the graphic and place it into MS Word.
    - Use the picture bar to lighten, darken the picture.
    - In the word document add the title  SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

2.  MS WINDOWS Movie Maker Project
Choose a woman for Women's Month (March).  Find pictures that tell a story
about your lady and what she has accomplished.  

Women's History


Abigail Adams
Jane Addams
Susan B. Anthony
Jane Austen
Joan Baez
Clara Barton
Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Elizabeth Blackwell
Donna Brazile
Alexa Canady
Carrie Chapman Catt
Lorna Dee Cervantes
Kalpana Chawla
Johnetta B. Cole
Marie Curie
Dorothy Dandridge
Princess Diana
Amelia Earhart
Joycelyn Elders
Queen Elizabeth I
Louise Erdrich
Anne Frank
Indira Gandhi
Helene D.Gayle
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Martha Graham
Jennifer Granholm
Sarah and Angelina Grimké
Le Ly Hayslip
Sally Hemings
Antonia Hernandez
Helen Hunt Jackson
Shirley Ann Jackson
Joan of Arc

Barbara Jordan
Andrea Jung
Coretta Scott King
Maxine Hong Kingston
Lisa Leslie
Maya Lin
Irene D. Long
Bette Bao Lord
Wangari Maathai
Laura Miller
Murasaki Shikibu
Florence Nightingale
Antonia Novello
Georgia O'Keeffe
Nancy Pelosi
Jeannette Rankin
Eslanda Robeson
Eleanor Roosevelt
Nellie Tayloe Ross
J. K. Rowling
Margaret Sanger
Leslie Marmon Silko
Gloria Steinem
Mary Catherine Swanson
Mother Teresa
Valentina Tereshkova
Nancy Ward
Christine Todd Whitman
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Mary Wollstonecraft
Flossie Wong-Staal
Virginia Woolf
Babe Didrikson Zaharias


Sites with free pictures not directly to your person:

3.  Sound files for your movie are located in My Computer - Networkdrives - (s:) social studies on chssrv2/users05.  Choose the Technology folder and then the Windows Movies Files folder.  


GIS:Geospatial Information Systems




Summer Enrichment Program


A.   Week  1  Egypt  
                  Day 1 Ancient Egypt Webquest    Complete Missions 2 & 3 (Other Missions may be assigned)
        Day 2  
          1.  Type your name in Hieroglyphics at this link.  Do a screen print using your keyboard,  insert the image into MS paint.  Crop only your name in hieroglyphics and copy.  Start a new image and paste the cropped image.  Save this in your network folder as hieroglyphic name .    
          2.   Click here and make a mummy.

                    3.   Copy and paste this word search   into MS Word,  type your name on it, print it and then complete the puzzle.


          B.  Week 2  Greece

            Day 1 & 2
1.     Greek god Scavenger Hunt
                   2.    Choose 1 of the 12 Greek Olympian gods and create a 10 Slide PowerPoint.  Your PowerPoint is to include the following information:   

                            a.   Title Slide:  Name of your Greek god and your name.
                         b.   Your god is the god of what?
                            c.    Picture/Pictures of your god.
                            d.   How does your god relate to the other Olympian gods.
                            e.   Tell a myth/story of about your god. 
                            f.     Cite your sources: Google is NOT a source for a citation, but the give the specific URL.           



    Week 1 
1.   Present slideshow of Greek god/goddess.
        2.   Choose a person in the list of week 2 and create a picture collage using Publisher of that person.    You should include the text of   (1) who your person is,  (2) what their contribution to the renaissance was and  (3) the years they were alive.


    July:  Week 2 
1.  Choose one of the following persons who lived during the European Renaissance and complete a 1.5 - 2 page report on this individual. 
                Johann Gutenberg
Leonardo de Vinci
                William Shakespeare
                Isaac Newton
                Christopher Columbus
                Hernando de Soto
                Francisco Cornado


  July: Week 3  Harlem Renaissance

.  Using MS Publisher and MS Paint, construct an 8 x 12 collage (1 page) representing important people, books, paintings, poems, plays and places of the Harlem Renaissance.     

Harlem Renaissance Links to Start for research:

1.  People, plays & books of the Harlem Renaissance:
2.  ArtsEdge People, places and themes of the Harlem Renaissance:




1.   Latin America Webquest   -Travel Brochure 
     Choose a Latin American country and create a travel brochure using MS Publisher.

2.   Asia

3. Career Month  
                    a.  Week 1: Career- Va View:  Interest Survey, Choose 1 Career
                    b.  Week 1: Fill in Career Worksheet 
                    c.  Week 1: Build PowerPoint from Index Card Notes done in English Classes.
                    d.  Week : Practice Presenting Career PowerPoints
                    e.  Week   Present Career PowerPoints in the Auditorium 






Project Details                                                           Name: ___________________


Choose one of the wildlife animals of Africa.  


  1. In Microsoft define the following words using


    1. Habitat
    2. Predator
    3. Gestation
    4. Lifespan
    5. Carnivorous
    6. Omnivorous
    7. Herbivorous
    8. diet
    9. arable



     B.  For the animal you chose, answer the following questions in complete sentences the following using [DO NOT COPY AND PASTE]:


             1.  What is the lifespan of you animal.


             2.   What is the diet of the animal? Be specific on the foods they eat.


3.      What is the length of pregnancy of your animal?


4.      Describe the habitat of your animal.


5.      What are the predators of your animal?


6.      Describe the behavior of your animal.  Please be specific.


7.      What size and weight does your animal get to be?


8.       What country(ies) does you animal live in?  This may require you to go to other websites to find this information.


C. Using  give the following information about the country your animal lives in:


1.      Location

2.      Climate

3.      Terrain

4.      Land use

5.      Environment - current issues

6.      Picture of map